Local Law 55 of 2018 – Annual Indoor Allergen Inspections

Local Law 55 of 2018, also known as the “Asthma Free Housing Act,” requires multiple-dwelling property owners in NYC to investigate and remove indoor allergen hazards.

This specifically includes the presence of mold, rodents, and cockroaches, as well as the conditions which can lead to the occurrence of these hazards.

The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) and the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) are now actively enforcing Local Law 55.

Failure to comply can result in costly HPD/DOB violations with penalties of up to $125 per day, in addition to tenant complaints and potential litigation.

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Local Law 55 Compliance: Landlord Requirements

  • Perform annual inspections of all dwellings and common areas for indoor allergen hazards such as pests, moisture intrusion, and mold infestations.
  • Provide an annual notice and fact sheet to current and prospective tenants relating to the rights and responsibilities outlined in Local Law 55.
  • Correct underlying conditions that cause mold and attract pests.
  • Utilize integrated pest management to limit pest infestations.
  • Implement safe work practices when conducting mold remediation.

Scheduling Annual Indoor Allergen Inspections

Protect your building(s) from violations and environmental health hazards by scheduling an annual inspection, as required by Local Law 55.

The annual indoor allergen inspection should involve a careful visual inspection of readily accessible areas of all residential units, common areas, and basements of each building.

The inspector will assess for the presence of mold, pests, and underlying defects such as leaks, moisture intrusion, and entry points for pests.

An inspection report will be compiled for each unit. The reports detail the findings of the inspection, photographs of each area visited, recommended remedial actions (if necessary), as well as the results of moisture, temperature, and infrared camera readings.

These records must be kept on file for Local Law 55 compliance.

Information About Local Law 55 Violations

HPD started issuing violations for Local Law 55 in January 2020, but everything was put on pause due to COVID-19.

This year, NYC building owners who have not met the compliance requirements for Local Law 55 should expect to start receiving notices of violations.

Building violations issued by HPD fall into either Class A, B, or C, depending on the size of the presence of mold or pests found. If you’ve received a notice of violation for these indoor allergen hazards, you must correct and certify the violation within the timeframe given on the notice.

Class B and Class C mold violations require the involvement of an NYS-licensed Mold Assessor and a separate NYS-licensed Mold Remediator.

All pest violations must be remediated with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

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